R&D – self-burial

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  • Post published:16 April 2021
  • Post category:R&D / Swac

The EuroSwac project is an opportunity for the team to implement two ambitious research and development programmes: a self-burial system for tubes and a genetic algorithm for optimizing SWAC parameters.

In this brief, we will describe the work done on the first of these programs.


Marine work is a very important cost item for a SWAC. The objective of this program is to conceptualize a system that allows the tube to get ensted (buried in the sand) with minimal human intervention.

The working group is composed of DeProfundis, Doris Marine, Setec-Hydratec, and the French Swac Club.

Technically, the tube’s system is made up of two subsystems:

  • A tube that projects water and air under the tube to smooth the sand
  • A suction system that ejects fluidized sand out of the soil.


The team is currently working on the design of the system. The next step will be to build a prototype.