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  • Post published:10 January 2022
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The University of Exeter is one of the EuroSwac research project partners, and the University has a history of involvement in renewable energy projects.

University of Exeter, Who are they ?

The University of Exeter combines world-class research with excellent student satisfaction. Its campuses are based in the South West of England, in Exeter (Devon) and Penryn (Cornwall). It is one of the very few universities to be both a member of the Russell Group and have a Gold award from the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). Therefore, the University is known for its international reputation for excellence in both teaching and research. Its success is built on a strong partnership with its students and a clear focus on high performance.

Picture by Jim Wileman – Winter graduation at the University of Exeter, Devon, UK.

“Expertise in marine technology studies”

The University of Exeter acquired significant expertise in marine technology studies through its world-leading Exeter Offshore group. It also has experiences in business & market research through its Business School. The Offshore Renewable Energy group, led by Professor Johanning, has 20 years ‘experience in offshore renewable energy and has been involved in many European projects.  MERIFIC, Marine-I, FanBest, Geoatlantic, TIGER and IEC are ones of them.

” These are truly exciting times for Renewable Energy: technology is advancing, costs are falling, attitudes are changing and grid parity is on the horizon. Despite current political challenges, the revolution really is unstoppable. Our department is at the forefront of clean energy research and we collaborate with many organisations on a variety of projects. Our taught programmes are dedicated to training the brilliant minds of tomorrow, ensuring that future generations and the renewable energy sector are equipped with highly skilled individuals who can deliver for us all. “

Professor Lars Johanning, Academic Lead

The University of Exeter role within the EuroSwac project

EUROSWAC is one of many renewable energy research projects that the University of Exeter is involved in with many more on the horizon.

The University of Exeter is taking the lead role within EuroSwac project. In addition, it will focus on SWAC optimisation and analyse the market potential for shallow-water pilot SWACs. This will include the identification of different market segments for SWAC commercialisation. The objective is to define the replication potential, in the Channel Area, through the study of different technology features. It will complete market analysis and pave the way for replications.

The University of Exeter will also be involved in R&D activities including exchange surface optimization and fostering replicability by reducing a SWAC installation’s capital expenditure. Going hand in hand with market and replication analysis, R&D activities will be one of its main tasks.

EUROSWAC represents an efficient and environmental-friendly alternative to conventional cooling solutions for areas with the access to sea water. It contributes to Europe energy-climate objectives, offering a reduction of CO2 emissions for all nearshore consumers which presently rely on carbon-based electricity. It provides innovative technologies, solutions and approaches to make the SWAC system a competitive player for end-users with cooling demands. The University of Exeter’s team of researchers contribute to the success of the project by applying multi-generic optimisation for SWAC system, running detailed market analysis and employing circular economy models

Dr Aleksandra Zawalna-Geer, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

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