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  • Post published:16 February 2022
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Océanide is working with other partners on the EuroSwac research project. The company offers its 30 years of experience and expertise in physical model testing developed for the Oil & Gas industry to the main actors of the marine renewable energies.

Océanide, who are we?

Created in 1986, Océanide, is an engineering company working in offshore and coastal engineering. Located at La Seyne-sur-mer (South of France), Océanide is composed of an experienced team of 20 members, using software and operating a unique combination of tests facilities in France.

Finally, Océanide has developed a close relationship with Research and Development centers (universities and engineering schools), maintaining its R&D activity to a high level. In 2014, Océanide received an award from OMAE for the paper 24531 as best paper of the Offshore Technology Symposium.

Coastal engineering

Océanide performs coastal engineering work for both public authorities and private companies. Océanide capacities are ranging from expertise to project management, including engineering. Its experts cover the following areas, with the use of physical and numerical modelling:

  • Hydrodynamics,
  • Morphodynamics,
  • Sediment transport,
  • Design of
    • Harbours,
    • Protection structures
    • Submarine inlet/outlet pipelines.

Offshore engineering

Since July 1998, Océanide is operating the BGO FIRST. This test basin allows the simulation of environmental conditions (waves, current and wind) acting on fixed or floating structures (offshore platforms, breakwaters, ships, offshore wind turbines, marine current turbines…). It thus helps the design of these structures or the evaluation of complex marine operations. This is the major activity of Océanide with more than 250 tests campaigns completed to date, both for French and foreign industrial companies, or for research.

In addition, Océanide performs numerical analyses for the assessment of floating bodies or fixed structures response to waves/current/wind loadings, including mooring lines and risers.

Offshore basin Test facility (BGO FIRST) – Océanide

Role of Océanide in EuroSwac project

Océanide will be involved mainly in the physical testing of a new concept of SWAC called “flexible pipe” with the objective to:

  • Qualify this new technology,
  • Quantify its performances in a marine environment (i.e. when subject to waves & current),
  • Provide experimental results for the calibration and validation of numerical models developed by DORIS Engineering, to be used afterwards on actual applications.

This new concept called“flexible pipe” will contribute to the cost reduction of conventional SWAC systems by reducing the material cost and the installation cost.

EuroSwac research project is based on unpublished concept and has never been conducted: this innovation will help progress the SWAC state of the art.

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