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  • Post published:22 February 2022
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EuroSwac partners will host a session during the 2022 Sea Tech Week. A call for abstract is open to participate to our session. Please find below all the relevant information.

SUBJECT: Highly-efficient innovative water-based Sea Water Air Conditioning solutions

While the need for cooling in coastal regions and ports is increasing, cooling is still mainly produced through chillers, a technology using large amounts of electricity generated partially by fossil fuels, slowing down the ability to meet EU energy-climate objectives. Sea Water Air Conditioning cooling technology requires often to work closely with the maritime industry to develop innovation technology aspects such as self-burying system, flexible pipe concept, corrosion potential, and temperature data logger, etc.

Papers highlighting the possible applications of the SWAC technology in maritime environment are very welcome in this session. To operate at sea, a ship needs to produce its own board energy. Some ship kinds are more demanding than others. Some examples may be given as air conditioning on large passenger ships or ice creation or cooling aboard referee container carriers or fishing ships. Improving the board energy plant efficiency, using a SWAC approach, is really cost effective. The cold ironing system (connecting ship board energy to the port facilities) and the port installations may also benefit the SWAC technology by reducing the emissions.
We are looking for technical presentation dealing with SWAC technologies. Interesting topics may be selected in the following open list:

  • Study & lower the environmental impacts,
  • Optimize the overall SWAC costs and business models,
  • De-risk the investment to foster replication,
  • Integrate a SWAC system into the shipping,
  • Enhance the skills and competences generating local jobs and value creation,
  • Anticipate the possible impacts of climate change,
  • Engineer innovations to effectively simplify the installation process,
  • etc.

Call for abstracts STW2022 (


  • In English only
  • 10’+5’ Q/A
  • Presentation material allowed


  • In English only
  • A0 portrait format
  • Illustrations/graphes/pictures welcome
  • Must include the Sea Tech Week® banner (we will send it to you)


  • All abstracts must be submitted electronically by filling the form available at this address:   
  • Abstracts must be submitted in English only.  
  • Only a complete submission is eligible for review.
  • Submissions should reflect the Sea Tech Week® main theme: “maritime transport: towards smarter and greener solutions” as well as the topics of the session selected.


  • After submission, you will receive an automatic email to confirm we have well received your abstract
  • The deadline for the abstract submission is March, 7th  
  • The abstracts will be sent to the reviewers after the deadline. They will have 1 month to manage the reviewing process
  • We come back to you in April for notification
  • If your abstract is accepted, you will be invited to register to Sea Teck Week® with the partner rate (cf. below)

Call for abstracts STW2022 (