The French Club SWAC, Partner of the EuroSWAC

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  • Post published:19 April 2022
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The Club SWAC is proud to be responsible for the communication of the EuroSwac research project and to provide support to the project.

The SWAC Club in a few words

Created in 2018, the Club SWAC France, is an association of industrialists committed to SWAC technology. It aims to promote this technology to improve its visibility among authorities and decision makers :

  • Promotion of technology
  • Facilitation of synergies
  • Training, dissemination of knowledge
  • Labeling, organization of projects

The members have various activities and bring together all the bricks necessary to design, manufacture, install and operate a SWAC:

  • Design offices (offshore construction, drilling, process…) – DORIS Engineering, DeProfundis, Forexi
  • Equipment suppliers (pumps, pipes…) – Pipelife, Flowserve, Trelleborg
  • Local authorities – FNCCR (Fédération nationale des collectivités concédantes et régies)

Two members of the SWAC Club (DORIS Engineering and DeProfundis) are also partners in the EUROSWAC project and participate in the development of technical tasks.

Members of Club SWAC

“The EuroSWAC project is a superb opportunity for the Club SWAC because we pursue the same objective. That is, to develop and promote the technology in order to achieve knowledge and recognition of this product by the coastal populations. This project is also a great opportunity for us to meet and share our knowledge with SWAC or marine environment experts (engineers, university researchers, biologists,…). This new network bodes well for the future of this seawater air conditioning system.”

Marin de Caumont – Renewable & Low Carbon Business Developer at DORIS Engineering – Communication Officer at EuroSWAC

The role of the Club SWAC in the EuroSWAC project

The Club SWAC coordinates the different partners of the project for the communication actions of the EUROSWAC project:

  • Communicate the results of the project to a wide audience: from the experts already involved in SWAC to the general public.
  • Facilitate synergies to form an industrial and academic value chain related to SWAC
  • To promote the deployment of SWAC technologies in the Channel area

Popularization video created under the impulse of the Club SWAC in the framework of the EuroSWAC project

SWAC club website and contact

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