nke Instrumentation is the EuroSWAC specialist in water monitoring and measurment

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  • Post published:19 July 2022
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The company nke Instrumentation aims to meet the needs of the EuroSWAC project for real-time monitoring of exposed parts of the SWAC system.

nke Instrumentation

The company nke Instrumentation, a partner in the EuroSwac project, develops, manufactures and markets instruments for measuring and monitoring the oceans and freshwater environments.

nke’s priority is to participate in the understanding of the blue lung of our planet by developing intelligent high-tech products. The application areas for these products are rivers, lakes, estuaries, oceans and deep sea. There are three distinct product lines.

  • Underwater monitoring instruments, multiparameter loggers and probes, are products designed to measure in situ the main physico-chemical parameters of fresh and sea water.
  • Buoys and instrumented systems are designed to measure, transmit and retrieve data in any environment.
  • The profilers are used for scientific purposes for oceanographic and environmental studies on the evolution of the oceans and the climate in general. NKE Instrumentation is notably involved in the international ARGO programme to provide temperature and salinity profilers.

NKE Instrumentation is involved in large-scale projects that bring together the company’s wide range of know-how, from the study to the operational maintenance of the solutions provided.

EuroSWAC & nke Instrumentation

nke Instrumentation team working on EuroSWAC project

nke Instrumentation aims to meet the project’s needs for real-time monitoring of exposed parts of the SWAC system:

  • water inlet,
  • water outlet,
  • metal structures in the natural environment.

They will develop :

  • Two instrumented coastal buoys equipped with: traffic lights, St André cross, GPRS modem, GPS antenna, WiMo multiparameter probe.
  • The WiMo probes will be equipped with sensors: temperature, salinity, chlorophyll-a, turbidity, dissolved oxygen.
  • A new data interface that will link the environmental observation platforms:
    • real-time data visualisation,
    • triggering of an alert state,
    • data storage,
    • creation of reports,
    • integration of external data.
  • An innovative solution based on SPCT sensors. It measures the corrosion potential in situ in order to reduce the inspection frequency of the SWAC system in shallow waters.


Water quality monitoring and accompaniment of navigators | nke GROUP | (nke-group.fr)

Océane BARRE – Communication Manager
Damien MALARDE – R&D Project Manager