DORIS Marine, the Subsea Engineering Partner of the EuroSwac Project

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  • Post published:8 February 2022
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DORIS Marine is proud to be the EuroSwac research project partner providing subsea engineering support to the project while developing its involvement in the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) sector.

DORIS Marine, in a nutshell

Created in 1983, DORIS Marine (previously known as STAT Marine) is an entrepreneurial and client-oriented company specialised in subsea engineering services in the offshore energy sector. DORIS Marine has won its reputation not only for its practical approach to operational and engineering issues, but also for its culture of dedication and integrity. The following key values are the foundations of DORIS Marine services:

  • People: DORIS Marine people are the most important asset with long-term relationship with its personnel. This allows to develop a “know-how” and experience feedback for the benefit of the clients.
  • Integrity: DORIS Marine Management has always considered moral values essential in life and in business, and consequently in the selection of DORIS Marine personnel. The trusting relationship with the clients is an extremely valuable asset and a direct result of this effort.
  • Independence: DORIS Marine is an independent engineering company versus offshore / subsea Contractors and equipment Suppliers. This independence means it is free to provide the most appropriate solutions for its clients.
DORIS Marine in a nutshell description (

In addition, DORIS Marine is now part of the DORIS Group which allows DORIS Marine to access a wider set of expertise and implantations over the planet.

“Transitioning from O&G market to Marine Renewable (MRE)”

The company has been transitioning over the last 15 years from Oil & Gas development towards Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) projects such as fixed & floating offshore wind turbines (FOWT), wave energy converters (WEC), marine turbines, sea water air conditioning (SWAC) systems, etc.

Quite naturally, most of the techniques and know-how that have been developed in the offshore O&G industry can be transferred in the MRE development projects with the same level of safety & quality while reducing projects’ costs.

DORIS Marine role within the EuroSwac project

DORIS Marine is the subsea engineering partner of the EuroSwac project and the leader of Work Package T2 including pilot design, specifications & technology innovations  . The company will focus on SWAC subsea equipment preliminary design & sizing such as pipelines pre-design & stability, [FT1] subsea pumps structure pre-design, etc. It will also provide its expertise in  Marine Operations – Transport & Installation engineering such as towing and laying of pipelines sections, lifting & deployment to seabed of subsea structures, subsea tie-ins, etc.  DORIS Marine will carry out Subsea Integrity engineering such that inspectability, maintability & repairability are part of the early design of the subsea SWAC systems.

From both engineering offices located in the cities of Nîmes and La Seyne-sur-mer, DORIS Marine provides to the project its key expertise:

  • Design & analysis engineering (pipeline, structural & Flow Assurance design),
  • Transport & Installation (T&I) engineering,
  • Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR) engineering.

DORIS Marine engineering team believes in the success of the project and overall, in the SWAC technology. EUROSWAC represents a great example of a Marine Renewable Energy project that can be executed in the Channel area and replicated in other areas in Europe along the seashore. Our role on the EuroSwac project is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the pilot projects that have been selected  in the Channel area. The team of engineers will aim at focusing on innovative technologies, competitive & local solutions development, robust & practical execution engineering.

Fabien Giraud, President of DORIS Marine
EUROSWAC – pile vs gravity base pumps support structure conceptual study

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