Welcome to our page dedicated to all our research and development (R&D) reports from the European EuroSWAC project.  Our reports offer you a unique opportunity to explore the latest scientific and technical advances in shallow water SWAC in a temperate climate.

Self Burying Pipe System Tests_Report

Specifications and results of research, development and testing of the Self-Burying System (SBS) as the only mean to burying a rigid SWAC pipe under in a sandy ground.

EuroSWAC Exploitation Plan

Report on the steps and methodology for exploiting the EuroSWAC project results to foster the market uptake and the replication of this innovative technology.

Environmental Constraints

University of Plymouth’s report on environmental impact assessment of Waterbody Thermal Energy Based Systems (WTEBSs) like SWAC installations.

Consolidated report on CFD

Report presenting a new model for simulation of discharge dispersion under marine environment (i.e., combined wave and tidal flow) is developed in OpenFOAM.

Design Specification for onshoreoffshore civil works needed for innovative SWAC system

This report outlines the main steps for designing a SWAC system and describes SWAC design alternatives and assessment criteria through 3 generic case studies.

Flexible pipes - Model Calibration Report

In this report, DORIS and Océanide describe 3 different test campaigns they carried out on flexible pipes and their results. Applied to the SWAC, this innovation would significantly reduce installation costs.

Replicability analysis

The EuroSWAC partners have been studying the replicability requirement for SWAC installation and estimated its potential within the Channel area by analysing some of these criteria such as the sea and air temperature throughout the year along the coast, the bathymetry...